Our own window manufacturing unit in Latvia


Our own window and door manufacturing unit is our main advantage as this way we can run non-standard orders that cannot be done by window marketing companies that are intermediaries and order windows in a large manufacturing unit outside of Latvia.

Our manufacturing unit complies with the EU and our own quality standards. In the workshop of the manufacturing unit with the area of 1 200 m2 (the total area of the manufacturing unit occupies 1.5 ha), 30 professionals are employed who, if required, can provide a very fast manufacturing of windows.

Full range of services

We execute all the stages starting from measuring of windows and manufacturing up to the window assembly. “Maiga A” employees specialize in all the stages and they will be able to ensure the best results. For all of our manufactured and installed windows and doors, we offer a 2-year warranty. 

High quality

Our windows are installed in medical institutions, schools, kindergartens, private homes as harmful substances are not used in their manufacturing that can cause health problems over a longer period of time. Our windows will serve long, look great and they will help you economise, as well as they will be harmless to health. We manufacture fireproof aluminium windows and doors (EI30 and EI60). 


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